RF/Microwave Design & Analysis

The engineerng team at Teledyne Labtech have extensive experience in microwave design and have designed a large library of components that can be adopted to many custom applications. Core competencies are broadband components including PIN switches, microwave amplifiers and Detector Log Video amplifiers.  These basic components can be integrated together to provide higher level assemblies such as highly integrated RF switching networks, high performance direction finding equipment, synthesisers and up/down converters.  Additional components that can be integrated into high level systems include:

  • Limitersdesign_screenshoot.jpg
  • Equalizers
  • Detectors
  • Attenuators
  • Low loss microstrip to waveguide transitions
  • Couplers / Power dividers / Splitters
  • Temperature compensation stages

Design tools available include:

  • Microwave Office
  • In-site 2.5D Simulation
  • VSS Systems level analysis
  • Autocad Mechanical design

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