Banner 101.jpgFor many years Teledyne Labtech has manufactured RF & Microwave PCB with integrated OhmegaPly® resistors. OhmegaPly® is a thin film resistor-conductor material.  Using standard subtractive printed circuit technology, integral resistors are formed on circuit layers.  These resistors can be buried within a multilayer circuit board or used on the board surface.  The resistors can also be used mounted on metalbacked PCB.

OhmegaPly® is available in 25 ohm per square, 50 ohm per square and 100 ohm per square sheet resistivity.

  • High denisty interconnect
  • Ideal for power dividers
  • Large RF distribution boards
  • No access required for soldering SMD components


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OhmegaPly® is a registered trademark of Ohmega Technologies, Inc. Culver City, CA

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